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“a Rift in reality”

Now as we know, gaming technology has seen an explosion of development. The next-gens are pushing consoles to the limit, and handhelds like the 3DS / PS Vita have seen a spike of interest for on the move gaming. So what’s the next step for PC gamers, or in fact the next step in general? Well say hello to the next step, the Oculus Rift.


NHL14-OTT-TOR-kassia-mclaren-squareup-WM-resize“Drop the gloves and throw down!”

October. Colder. Darker. Faster. Stronger. Wait….

Anyways, October signals different things to different people. Whether it be that Halloween is here, or whether it be the realisation that mums starting to do Christmas shopping, or, in my house it signifies that Mum is allowed the heating on (Dads a funny old…thing). For me, it’s the start of another ice hockey season, with another NHL title to pass, deke and fight my way through.



“you are a predator”

I find myself regaining consciousness in the dark as a heavily distorted guitar accompanies some kind of drink and drug fuelled hangover. It takes me a moment to acknowledge my surroundings before I find the door leading me into the next room. Here I meet them for the first time.



“But is Battlefield 4 Beta than 3?”

Cheesy title, I know. I, as most of you probably did this weekend past, spent my few days off playing the Battlefield 4 Beta. As I am the owner of an XBOX 360, I can only give you my opinion of the game on that console. But, from what I saw and played, Battlefield 4 is shaping up to be one of the best shooters of all time. Yes, that’s right, I said it – ‘of all time’.



“… don’t say that I didn’t warn you!”

Now there’s a statement! I’d imagine that most people would disagree with me. Most people would say that I’m crazy, that I clearly have poor taste in video games, or that I’ve made an intentionally misleading title to grab your attention. Well, to all of that I would say: I can be, I probably do, and I slightly did. What I mean by ‘worst game I’ve ever played’ is not that the game itself is terrible, far from it …



“Don’t accept drugs from strangers”

Here are the do’s and dont’s of Grand Theft Auto Five. You might have your own, so why not add your own experiences in the comment section of the post!



“Rafael looks like a middle aged Rastafarian”

Well, it’s another September in another year and we all know what that means! GTA V is coming out! Wait, no. The next instalment of FIFA and Pro Evo will be hitting our shelves! (But, the other thing too) …



“Some functions of the gameplay are exceptional”

Binary Domain is a little known third-person shooter that came out early last year (2012). Although not well publicised, the game helped to rekindle my love of Third Person Shooter games such as Gears of War, Army of Two and of course Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption.



“this time I have a few disappointments”

I was pretty excited when I first saw that ‘Origins’ was being released in the Apocalypse map pack and, to be honest, the only reason I bought the map pack was specifically for the zombies. It was the introduction of a few new weapons and some different ways of getting those perks which excited me. I must admit, I would class myself as a confident COD zombie slayer. I’ve collected hours of playing time on COD zombies over the years, all the way back to when they first came out in COD World At War …



“it’s different – that’s for sure”

It’s another month in 2013 and, as any Xbox fan should know by now, that means a new free game! Last month’s choice of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising: Case Zero proved a popular offer, especially as society seems zombie crazy nowadays. This month’s title brings a real change of pace in the form of Magic – The Gathering. ‘Magic’ is a popular trading card game created in the 90’s which has now been digitized for Xbox Live Arcade, Steam and the PlayStation Network …



“Welcome to Steelport baby!”

Let me start off by saying that Saint’s Row IV is no ordinary game. Over the past week that I’ve been playing it, I have found it to be one of those titles that you just cannot put down. It felt as if I had been absorbed into the simulation myself, and oh what a rollercoaster of a ride it was.  I was drawn in by its excellent scripted humour and the outlandish and outright stupidity of events from the off.



“You will deal with the cards you are dealt”

Rewind 20 Years. Beanie babies are all the rage, the world wide web was officially born and Nirvana were making music that inspired a generation. What almost went unnoticed however, except by those kids who got atomic wedgied hourly, was the birth of a small Collectable Card Game named Magic : The Gathering. The game was played out between players taking turns to lay down cards by drawing from their deck and annihalating the other player (Wizard).


The Drowning

“New controls, new way to play”

The Drowning is a new FPS game that has emerged onto the App Store boasting a new control system. I saw a video a while back explaining the new controls and the hopes from the studio that this will help the genre finally crack the handheld market.



“been incredibly well designed”

Metro Last Light is a really interesting take on the FPS game genre. There’s a lot to love about this game, but, at the same time, there’s a lot that disappoints. It’s a real shame, but with one hand it gives and with the other, it takes away. In the world of the FPS, new games have a lot to contend with. Developers like EA, Infinity Ward and Treyarch have an incredibly successful backlog of games to their names, so it’s no wonder that the genre gets pretty competitive.



“a real corker”

Telltale’s The Walking Dead game series was my highlight of 2012. Ok, I admit it, I’m a massive fan of The Walking Dead in general, but still – what Telltale did for The Walking Dead franchise was nothing short of inspirational. They created characters that resonated with gamers and a story that shocked, frustrated and moved its audience. The two main characters, Lee and Clementine, quickly became fan favourites – thanks to the fantastic writing and the incredible delivery by voice actors Dave Fennoy and Melissa Hutchison.



“I, for one, am a happy gamer”

If there is one thing that I love more than anything else on this lovely green planet – it’s a free game. There’s something so rewarding about discovering these little gems, these small packages of free entertainment. Microsoft, of late, has had some kind of life changing epiphany and, rather than squeeze every penny out of their customers as if we were money sponges, are now giving us free content.



 “they needed a strong leader, now more than ever”

The head survivor, Marcus, crept towards an empty house. The group had been held up in the church for weeks, tensions were running high and supplies were dwindling – they needed a strong leader, now more than ever. He stretched out a shaky hand and clasped the door knob, tentatively twisting it to avoid any unnecessary sound. The handle wouldn’t budge, the door was locked and the windows were boarded up from the inside. There was only one way in, to barge down the door.


Saints Row the third - Logo3

“our Payday Play

Saints Row 1 and 2 were good games; they were basically the cheeky younger brothers to the Grand Theft Auto series. But, after two games sitting in the shadow of their big brother, it felt as though THQ had to really shake things up to warrant another Saints Row title. Well, with Saints Row: The Third, THQ have done just that.



“Dragons that shoot lasers out of their eyes! Enough said”

Every once in a while you play a game that you just love, an not just because the gameplay is great or the enemies are well thought out or not even because the story is amazing. It’s because all of these things are cemented together with a little thing called character!

Blood Dragon is a rare game in today’s world in that it is a game developed by a AAA developer that is pure fun and darn right crazy.  And why not? If you have a game such as Farcry that has great gameplay and environments then why not just add a neon layer on it, add some laser firing dragons (…Yup) and have some fun with it.


acee81e023f95fc6_org copy

“A Recipe for Addiction”

There are a few games out there that rack your brains past headache stage for weeks on end, have you up at night telling yourself “just complete one more ” or have you searching around the entire internet for help on the current level, yet have you going back for more. Candy Crush happens to be one of those games. Also, when a game surpasses 21 million likes on Facebook, has over 46 million downloads and features in a Psy video, you know the developers King must be doing something tasty that gets people playing it.


Cap America

“Darn those Nazis!”

As a huge Marvel comic and cinematic universe fan, I couldn’t help but resist purchasing this game for the Xbox 360. Created by an independent company, Next Level Games, and published by Sega, the game pits you as Captain America, doing what he does best and foiling HYDRA’s plans for World Domination during World War Two. Although we go into the game knowing the primary premise of the game, the game throws a few winks at followers of the comics; for instance, Dr Erskine is working on the Mastermann Project, obviously a heads up towards Master Man, the villain created to match Captain America.


The Walking Dead - Reviewing_edited-1

“We continue the Journey”

If this is the first that you’re reading of ‘Reviewing The Walking Dead’, then you should probably start from the beginning. At the end of episode one we left the group just outside of Macon, Lee’s hometown. Here, the group held up at a small motor inn just off of the interstate and began constructing fortifications around the car park. It’s here that episode two begins, at the side of the dusty road in the run down motor inn. The group had been struggling for survival for the past few months but their struggle was slightly lamented by their discovery of a supply truck. However, after months of waiting for salvation the food had begun to run out and it’s finally coming down to rations. Bandits threaten the camp and their limited supplies and the daunting prospect of starvation is plaguing the survivors’ days.



“Happy and Wars, thats an odd combination!”

Two words that you would think would never go together, sum up this title perfectly well, in fact it’s happy in such a way that it almost makes you puke rainbows. Little characters running about brandishing their odd ball weapons, taking over castles and hacking and slashing in such a joyful manner, it’s something you would find in a spinoff of a Rugrats episode combined with LOTR Helms Deep. I’m not ashamed to say that I love it.



To gamers everywhere, Lara Croft is the genres favourite female character. Those who have spent many hours solving puzzles, killing bears – and yes, even raiding tombs – will have had great fun guiding this gaming legend through her adventures. I remember playing the original on the PS1, feeling all bad-ass as I made Lara perform backflips around the place and swan dive off of ledges. So, when I heard that Square Enix were planning on rebooting the franchise, I had mixed emotions. Even though I love Square Enix as a publisher I was sceptical as to whether they were right for my favourite gaming heroine and hoped that they would not further drive this series towards its seemingly inevitable decline. With Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary and Underworld providing a very standard experience what the series needed more than ever was a fresh start and what a start it turned out to be!


The Walking Dead - Reviewing Episode 1

“In Clementine, Lee will find a friend, his love for whom equals almost that of a father to his daughter …”

So, let’s just jump right in shall we? If this is the first you’re reading of ‘Reviewing The Walking Dead’, then check out the introductory post. If it’s not then sit back, relax and enjoy a quick look at Episode One – A New Day.

Lee Everett is a complicated man. His character sits in that grey area between good and bad and right and wrong. But that’s the theme that Kirkman set out for The Walking Dead. These are stories of survival following real people


RAW - review_edited-1

“There is one word that I would use to sum up RAW … average”

There is one word that I would use to sum up RAW. It’s quite a common word for such games that are found in this genre. That word, quite simply, is ‘average’. RAW is another dungeon scrolling Hack and Slash game that has the same play style as you will find in most of its kind with the capability of co op play.


The Walking Dead - Reviewing

“all you’ll be facing is a gripping story. Well, a gripping story and a shed load of zombies”

I love zombies. There, I said it; I’m glad that we got that out in the open. Recently zombies have been everywhere. With the rise of popular zombie based movies, such as Shawn of the Dead, zombie based graphic novels / hit TV shows, such as The Walking Dead and games, like Left 4 Dead and Dead Island, is there much room for new zombie based material? Well, last year Telltale Games attempted something that’s never been done before.



“I hold bastion up as one of my all time favorite games”

As a head up right from the start don’t expect a fair review of this game. I hold bastion up as one of my all time favorite games so, as fair as I will try to be, an element of bias has to be accepted.

I first came across Bastion on Xbox live during the ‘Summer of Arcade’. Bastion was one of the main titles being released as part of the deal and immediately became favored by both critics and players. With its amazing sound and innovative gameplay, it provides the player with a unique experience that can rarely be found in other games.


Borderlands 2 - Review

” … suicidal midgets ready to throw away their lives by trying to ‘have at ye’”

I feel the only way to start this review is with BOOM BOOM RATATAT … they were gun noises, God I love guns. I have found both Borderlands titles to be very addictive, with hours of fun, especially with a group of friends. The qwerky humour and tally-ho gun slinging action is what made the Borderlands games so awesome. The only thing we don’t talk about is the ending to the original, ever. I mean seriously don’t go there, especially since its now officially a taboo according to the English dictionary. But it has to be brought up at some point, even Borderlands 2 rips into its predecessor’s shoddy excuse for an ending! Before I start this properly though, I want to give massive credit to the 2K team who really do reward their gaming fan base with extra content, just because you bought their game. I.e in the case of Gold keys which can be used in game for randomly generated loot!


Dead Space - Revie2332ed-1

“reaching out for this cute little baby and then … well, you’ll see”

When we first discussed the creation of this blog I thought to myself, what game should I start with? Dead Space 2 was sitting on my shelf, waiting to be played despite me buying it as soon as it came out back at the start of 2011. I remembered how much I shat myself at the original, and felt that such a series deserves to be reviewed early on.


Temple Run 2 - Review

“Don’t let the monkey catch you”

Those familiar with Temple Run will know that it is an action runner developed for the Apple App and Google Play store. The game focuses around the character of Guy Dangerous as he attempts to escape the pursuit of multiple monkey like creatures, after stealing a golden idol from its ruins. While the idol, and even one of the unlockable characters, are eerily similar to something that could be found in an Indiana Jones movies; Temple Run 2 has managed to obtain its own identity and become one of the biggest games on mobile devices, with more copies sold than any game on a console (yes, even Call of Duty).


War in the North - Review

“kicking Orc-arse as we go”

When I was younger the one RPG that I loved to play with my friends was Champions of Norath. There was nothing better than working together to defeat the difficult bosses and collecting all of the different items; there was always a hidden competition as to who could hoard the best stuff.  So when Snowblind Studios released a Lord of the Rings RPG, we knew that we had to once again leap into the realms of fantasy, kicking Orc-arse as we go.



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