One for all, or is 4 the magic number?

3 Oct


With such a huge buzz around the soon to be here new console generation we would like to throw our 10 cents into the mix, to try define a few points for those scouring the internet for any reason/excuse to convince themselves one way or another.

Xbox One


To be upfront, I am an Xbox guy. Having built up a connection with the 360 over the last few years I have found it very hard to deal with all the apparent crap that has come out of the Xbox camp surrounding its launch.  BUT I think that Microsoft may have finally levelled out and they seem to be moving away from the school yard hype and fighting surrounding the launch. It seems as though we have moved into a more level headed time when we can really think about what’s coming out.

1. The games look darn good – Now this is true of both platforms but the Xbox has really done a good job of marketing the new games launching on the One. Games such as Ryse, Dead Rising and Forza have displayed some outstanding graphics and gameplay that we have come to expect from triple A titles. Having a chance to play a few at this years Eurogamer, we were not disappointed.

2. The Kinect is back! – Like me, I’m sure that many people brought Kinect when it was first released only to leave it gathering dust on the top of the TV. With security questions over the new device being answered (apparently you can turn it off) there seems like so much more potential for the voice recognition within gaming. Have enjoyed games such as SOCOM and ENDGAME I love being able to control units by talking to them and this has the potential to be integrated seamlessly.

3. Is it all you need? – At the moment I very rarely watch TV or any online services such as Netflix. This is partly due to having to switch between multiple devices (lazy I know) but with Xbox’s new interface it could very easily be the only thing that I need in the living room. Being able to use the Xbox for all of my entertainment needs is of huge benefit to people like myself.



Being introduced to console gaming on the PS1 and then spending the majority of my time on the PS2, I do love Sony as a games company and find it weird that I turned away from Sony in the last generation. Sony seem to have done a lot of things right for the next gen, here is what we think stands out.

 1. It’s all about the fun – The vibe that the PS4 has given off around the launch and the following months has all been about the fun of gaming. Whether showing that in there exhibitions or producing videos lampooning Microsoft’s policies, Sony has done a lot to right the more boring image that the PS4 was guilty of making. Zero Punctuation’s Ben “Yahtzee” Croshow once summed up the PS3 as an old labrador that reliably brought you your slippers. The PS4 has changed all that!

 2. Second screen is king – The relationship between the PS4 and the Vita is massively exciting moving into the new generation. Yes you will need to buy both, but the ability to stop playing your game on the console and pick it up on the go is going to revolutionise the way we think about console gaming, and Sony have definitely been on the ball here. 

 3. Share, share, share – While both consoles support social sharing, it is the PS4 that seems to have turned out the best. With its inbuilt controller button as well as longer screen record time, it definitely has the potential to ignite the PlayStation community with a more engaged and aware audience.

So did we change anyone’s mind? I doubt it, but all we can say is that it has to be one of the closest generations in a long time and with the release of both consoles almost on our doorstep, we will just have to wait and see which one comes up on top. For me? Well I guess I have to keep my Avatar and stick with the One that’s right for me.

By ThinkBad Monkey


2 Responses to “One for all, or is 4 the magic number?”

  1. ExpEagle October 3, 2013 at 5:55 pm #

    Interesting write up. After succumbing to Xbox similarly to you, I gave the PS3 a go later in its lifespan, the controller felt immature and the whole thing felt too Japanese.

    Looks like the same case again so I’ll be sticking with the reliable Xbox (plus I like my Gamertag!)

    • alecspilik October 3, 2013 at 9:10 pm #

      I’ve always felt as though the PlayStation controllers are a bit small, but then I was perfectly happy with them on the PS2. The One controller feels great, a real improvement on the 360, which is impressive considering that it didn’t really need improving!

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