5 Do’s and Dont’s of Grand Theft Auto 5

18 Sep


DO: Bring a ‘chute’. Sky-diving is fun! But not without a parachute. You live and learn, though not so much, as the case may be.

DO: Go hard or go home. If you’re going to rob a bank, steal a car, fight a rival gang or go on a spree of destruction, you’d best ‘go in with force or retire to your place of dwelling’.


DO: Use all of the characters available. Yes, that means Trevor, (the slightly psychotic hillbilly who’s surprisingly articulate for such a rotten looking man), too. Each character has their own unique abilities, and you never know when they might just come in useful.

DO: Roll with style. Yeah, sure, shooting and exploding and stealing and cycling and playing tennis or golf or triathlons is fun, but what’s the point if you can’t look snazzy whilst doing it? Make sure you add that hint of panache to your gameplay by buying the fanciest suits, sweetest rides and flesh-tearingly brutal miniguns.


DO: Play the stock market! Buy low and sell high … or is it buy high and sell low? Either way, invest your hard earned (stolen) cash in some up and coming businesses for a sweet return (or massive loss, depending on your stock trading prowess).

DON’T: Attempt to drive large vans through narrow alleys. You may think that it seems like a good idea, but trust me, you’ll only end up crushing the van into a crumpled up mess.

DON’T: Forget to explore Los Santos. There’s so much to see and tonnes to do, so it’s not just about completing the main story. Attempt a triathlon, go on a deep sea dive, or just stay in and enjoy some of the hilarious TV shows that Rockstar have developed – it’s a big ol’ world out there.


DON’T: Accept drugs from strangers. Especially well dressed men advocating the legalisation of marijuana in Los Santos … who knows what might happen.

DON’T: Take inappropriate ‘selfies’ – children might see the pictures. (I would have a picture of Franklin at a strip club here, but it would be a little inappropriate. Also, ‘Snapmatic’ on the GTA Social Club has been down for a while, but I’m sure you can imagine it)

DON’T: Install the second disk (play disk) to your console. Rockstar have said that it could cause problems in the game. (Sorry to end on such a serious note, but the last thing you would want is to have this incredible experience impeded by technology).

By Alecs Pilik


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