Game Dev Story – The game that stole my life!

15 Sep


Does anyone remember that game about running a lemonade stand we all had on our mobiles a while back? Well for those who don’t, it was basically a lemonade stand sim where you had to decide your mixture, upgrade your stand etc.

Those who are on the same page as me will be familiar with the style of Game Dev Story. It is a simulation game which puts you in charge of a games company. It is your task to develop games, hire staff, advertise the business and avoid getting awarded the worst game of the year! The concept is simple but the execution is extremely rewarding. I found myself wishing that the train rides were longer, hoping that my boss wouldn’t notice me playing at work and ignoring my console to play this seemingly simple game on my phone.

It has a GTA quality to the game. You keep telling yourself “just one more thing before I save and turn it off”. 

The game also has a sense of humour. New consoles will be released that you can develop more games for. These consoles parody real life machines with comedic names. The Wii becomes the ‘Woops’ and the Saga Saturn becomes ‘Uranus’. These are released at regular intervals taking up the market shares, this ensures that you have to develop for different platforms if you want your company to grow. 

Training and hiring staff also unlocks more genres of games you can create. Different combinations will produce better or worse games and fans will react accordingly. 

Many people will play it to achieve different goals. My aim was to win game of the year, which kept evading me year after year. Finally, after my 19th year and 4 consecutive runner up prizes, I won! Sheer jubilation broke out and I was finally free of the games hold. 

Please play this game! It is great. For such a simple concept, the level of customisation is amazing and it will be well worth the money. Just be prepared to give your soul away for a few days… 

By ThinkBad Monkey


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