Temple Run 2

1 Feb


Those familiar with Temple Run will know that it is an action runner developed for the Apple App and Google Play store. The game focuses around the character of Guy Dangerous as he attempts to escape the pursuit of multiple monkey like creatures, after stealing a golden idol from its ruins. While the idol, and even one of the unlockable characters, are eerily similar to something that could be found in an Indiana Jones movies; Temple Run 2 has managed to obtain its own identity and become one of the biggest games on mobile devices, with more copies sold than any game on a console (yes, even Call of Duty).

With this sequel having only recently been released, it has a lot to live up to in order to make its predecessor proud. Well, topping the charts in 8 hours is a good way to start.

So what’s changed? Straight away we can see that the graphics have drastically improved. No longer are we running down pixilated passageways being chased by what are practically black blobs with eyes. Instead we’re treated to sharper graphics and a new, dynamic track. The track itself no longer follows a system of straight paths but now curves and twists around giving the player the feeling that they are playing in a much larger world than before. Zip Lines have also been added and will randomly appear at certain intervals allowing the player to experience the thrill of flying through the air – all be it in digital form.


Perhaps the biggest addition to the gameplay is the new mine cart areas. In certain segments of the game the player will jump into a mine cart and follow a track, still having to avoid low hanging beams and leaning on one wheel to turn corners and avoid falling into the dark caverns below. These segments will randomly appear as part of the run, much as the different areas changed in the first game.

Another key mechanic that’s been introduced are the Gems. Gems act like a second currency in the game and can be traded for a continuation of the run if an accident happens to befall the player. This means that you are no longer limited to one life and, as long as you have enough gems, you can run for as long as your eyes can stay on the screen. The price for a new life, however, works much like insurance and goes up with every claim. Upgrades can reduce this number but still expect to be playing a high price after your fifth death. How could I forget! The monkey has changed as well. Now chasing the crafty adventurer is a gigantic ape that has also been given a high quality makeover, this adds an extra challenge to the game on the occasions when you just can’t get that monkey off your back. Less of the screen will become visible making the task of navigating through the levels that much trickier.

Much like the original there are arrays of upgrades for your character, such as increased coin value, increase power-up time and a head start that can be purchased with in-game coins. Although, new to Temple Run 2 is the character specific power-ups. Each character comes with their own power-up that can be utilized once they have collected enough coins to fill the power-up bar. Much like the bar that gave you extra points in the first game, this charges a power-up that can be activated by double tapping the screen. More character power-ups can be purchased and swapped out to add a more tactical edge to your gameplay, activating a shield at the right time could mean the difference between a high score and a smashed phone.


Gems come in handy once more with some upgrades allowing the player to utilize their gem collection and power them up to increase their benefits. This will eat into your precious stash and the added benefit will expire after one run, even if it only lasts 10 seconds.

If you loved the first game then you will love this sequel. Temple Run 2 builds on the fast-paced action of the first game at the same time as making the game world feel much bigger. The new aesthetics and curved track help make each new run feel slightly different as well as more challenging.

With the introduction of a ‘carry on’ system, the player can push to achieve scores thought unreachable in the original. But, this does take away from some of the achievement of gaining a high score. What was once very hard on the original TempleRun now seems laughable in comparison. At the moment, 

Temple Run 2 is currently free on the App store and Google Play, so there should be no excuse for not grabbing this game if you haven’t already.

Oh, and one last thing. Don’t let the monkey catch you.

By ThinkBad monkey




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